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Art pieces made in 2019.

Technique: Collage
Photo on canvas, ceramics, glass, textiles.

Height 180 cm

Diameter 120 cm


Probably we all have encountered the word ‘barracuda’… A climacteric barracuda is much, much worse … If you recognize her features in this description, beware all who you can, run away without turning back.
Their goal is to live a luxurious and amusing lives. THEY ARE INTERESTED ONLY IN POWERFUL AND WEALTHY MARRIED MEN. And they want to be well noticed so that everyone would talk about them…

These are middle-aged women who have accumulated quite large experience of life, fluent in male psychology, showing everyone that they are very intelligent, free, curious, courageous in thinking and considering having a very good sense of humour. They are provocative, devoid of moral standards, very self-caring and self-investing personalities, who have made a career, always rather than often with the help of someone. Whereas the reality is that they are poor mediocrities, who mainly come from the province and did not have the example of a beautiful family, and this betrays their poor origin… No wonder Russians have a saying iz griazi – v kniazi (Eng. rags to riches)!
Their motto – après nous le déluge (after us, the flood)! They are often single women or sometimes women with families, who are afraid of getting old, female narcissists with histrionic personality disorder. Their hunting grounds include theatre, various exhibitions, public events, yoga, cinema and, obviously, wineries, with wine and champagne tastings. Because this is where they can discuss everything – from performance, theatrical behind-the-scenes or political situation to multi-layered orgasms… And the middle-aged man is particularly interested in this topic. He is still young, he is so admired, he is praised, complimented, lifted to the heights of the heavens, whereas at home there is a terrible, always unhappy, same old wife, bored to the bone, children, routine and the rest stuff. And here is the insatiable sex ahead in every way possible, and a pink hidden life with a splash of champagne and Louboutin performances with a dose of indescribable adrenaline! There is so much a man can do to gain that adrenaline!

How to recognise them? They are very self-caring, very self-confident women. They have a lot of foreign bodies on their faces, especially on the lips. They like to dress in bright colours. Their favourite combination is red and black. They speak loudly, they want to always dominate, have impression of Director …
The clock does not turn in their favour, so they are in a hurry. They are all prone to take risks… The world of illusions may explode immediately and then they would remain in the shattered shells….

P.S. Santa Muerte is a Madonna in Mexico who is the guardian of all drug addicts, prostitutes and disaster strangers. Here’s a game of words between Santa Muerte and Santa Morčius – the Holy Death and the Holy Rut (in Lithuanian).